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It takes creative energy and a bold ambition to lay hands on something close to perfection, so only true enthusiasts will successfully give the 911 their own personal touch. Some might call this a risky undertaking, which at the same time expresses a deep devotion to the masterpiece.
AVD, a sportscar workshop located in the Eifel, the german-speaking eastern part of Belgium, grants outsiders a first comprehensive look at their very own interpretation of the „topic 911“ – after almost two years of development.
Their core mission: We offer our clients the chance of driving a hightech classic car with the third generation of the 911. The generously modified Porsche offers a wide range of handling, from comfortable every day use all the way to sporty locomotion – including driving fun without compromise and sauntering down the avenues. On top of this, AVD is providing a complete warranty: Every vehicle they sell, no matter how extensively personalized it may be, will be entirely serviceable in all Porsche service centers worldwide. These are some ambitious goals which require precise planning. The outcome is a splendid pioneer, the first of a projected small series of personalized sportscars, an exclusive 911 which you can now take a closer look at.
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